My Experiment with Raspberry Pi 3

I recently bought a Raspberry Pi 3 to perform simple experiment. Experiment is to try flashing Android Internet of Things(IOT) on it and run sample app.


  • Raspberry Pi3, Model B, 1GB RAM
  • MicroSdCard 8Gb
  • Latest preview image from Android of things
  • Instructions on copying the image to SDCardusing Mac here
  • Instructions on using the image on Raspberry PI here
  • HDMI cable connected to monitor, microUsb acting as power supply, ethernet cable for internet and mouse.

20161222_085324Experiment’s steps overview

  • Downloaded the preview image from the android of things and copied it in microSdCard from the instructions above.
~/Downloads|⇒ sudo dd bs=1m if=iot_rpi3.img of=/dev/rdisk2
4352+0 records in
4352+0 records out
4563402752 bytes transferred in 2116.041664 secs (2156575 bytes/sec)
  • Connected to local ethernet and used it configure Wifi service. This is how it looks at first screen, it should have Wifi SSID and IP address.


  • Run a sample app given

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