Mass provisioning of Kismet and Apache MiNiFi in Raspberry Pi using Ansible

Holistic Security and Technology

Lately I’m focusing on Automation in Big-Data Projects, and with my experience in Cyber Security I can bring new approaches and ideas to those Big-Data Projects are related to IT Security aspects (Threat Analisys, Privacy, Intrusion Detection, etc.).
With this post I will start a serie of articles explaining how to do “Data Ingestion/Capture” in the Edge by using:

  • Ansible to provisioning.
  • Multiple and remote devices in the Edge (Raspberry Pi).
  • Kismet to capture WIFI Anonymous traffic in the Edge.
  • Apache MiNiFi to enrich and route the captured traffic in the Edge.
  • Apache NiFi to collect the enriched traffic and forward to Solr / ElasticSearch.

…everything, near to real-time ;)

And if you want to explore in deep other use cases, this article is a must read: (EDGE INTELLIGENCE FOR IOT WITH APACHE MINIFI)[]

In short, I will explain in this post the following:
– Manage several…

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