What’s Your VR Game Plan?

Retail Technology Insider

VirtualReality (VR) is set to be one of the most excitement developments for retailers, globally so what are you going to do about it?

People are going to spend a fortune on VR in coming years. Fact.

IHS Market reckons users will spend around $7.9b on headsets alone, and $3.3 on VR entertainment by 2020!

Right now the idea of wearing a ski-mask-esque pair of Goggles isn’t exactly appealing to most shoppers but in the safe confines of homes or with others, in-store, it becomes less frightening.

VR is also new to most people, so many haven’t got a clue what they do with said goggles, or know how they work, so the education piece still needs sorting.

VR has the potential to magically take customers anywhere, and amaze them.

It can engage and wow like nothing before it, but applications needs to be thought throughif you don’t want your…

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