Metal Type Printing in Cheongju

field notes from korea

Last weekend Daniel and I ventured to North ChungCheong Province (충청북도), a region southeast of Seoul, geographically pretty much the center of South Korea. We first stopped in Cheongju (청주) to visit the 청주시금속활자주조전수관, aka the Cheongju Metal Type Training Center, which I had briefly visited last summer with my mom. This time I was with Daniel, and was there to watch a sand casting demo done by Master Im In Ho, metal type craftsman. Apparently there were almost 200 school children at the morning demo, so we were relieved that we had signed up for the afternoon demo. This facility seemed like the type of place that attracted huge groups of school children on field trips and not so much average citizens. Thus Daniel and I got a private demo since nobody else showed up.

The facility has an educational activity space (체험실) and casting demo area on the…

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