I Did Something Fun As A Kid… And Now It’s Worth 6 Digits!!!

SG ThumbTack investor

Oh boy. This is going to be a picture heavy post. And probably the most fun post for me on SG TTI thus far.

305) Currency collection.jpg

As a little kid some 25 years ago, I used to collect stuff. There were 3 things that I was really serious about for several years: Currency (Coins & Notes), Stamps and Phonecards. (Yes, phonecards for public pay phones! No, NOT SIM cards!)

If you have no idea what are phonecards… well congrats. You have a ton of what’s probably the most valuable resource in the world.

Recently, in the midst of doing some year end packing, I found my collection lying in the dust and got them valued professionally. Despite it being a “down market” (that’s what I was told anyway), the entire collection, valued separately, but in it’s entirety, is worth north of 6 digits!!!

Like WOW.

OK, if at this point, you’re feeling…

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