Domaine de la Couronne – 皇朝疆土- go back in time


Domaine de la Couronne In 1950 Bao Dai attached personally two decrees “ all provinces and territories inhabited by non-Vietnamese populations traditionally under the court of Hue”, meaning the five provinces of Annam. The Crown Domain of the Southern Higlander Country (Domaine de la couronne du pays montagnards du Sud) or PMS was thus born. Although the French nominally recognized Vietnamese sovereignty over the highlands in the form of this crown domain, they maintained a statut particulier for the highlands because of “special French obligations” and continued to direct the PMS through their special delegate, a Frenchman, not a Vietnamese representative of the Associated State. In May 1951, Bao Dai signed a law promulgating the creation of a “special regulation” designed to provide more highlander participation in local affairs all the while reaffirming the “eminent rights” of Vietnam over this territory. However, Vietnamese national control over the central highlands remained…

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