Big Data Project: Earthquakes in Japan

Andrei Vasile Blog


My aim was to explore all the earthquakes that happened in Japan since January 2011 to November 2016. This will give me a clearer understanding of the current situation and different ways earthquake form and manifest.


Researching this subject will allow me to better understand all the factors of an earthquake. This can have a major impact, allowing the community to further forecast future events. I will be able to identify the most common places where they happen and the reason behind them.

I chose Japan for my study because it is the country that suffers from the most earthquakes overall and I can get more information for my research.


  • Collect data with all the earthquakes in the time period January 2011 – November 2016
  • Create the database (Microsoft Excel)
  • Analyse the data and produce representations (RapidMiner, Gephi)
  • Visualisation of the progress
  • Gathering results and conclusions
  • Future…

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