Jungle hike in the Gandoca wildlife refuge

Leo on the loose

A private wildlife refuge means you need a guide to walk the trails anywhere but by the coast. Florentino aka Tino is one of the best. Safety conscious (three reasons you don’t grab a tree to balance) and knew where to find the creatures and all about the plants.

Travelexperta summarises this refuge well.

aP1220829 Velcro plant

aP1220825 Wineglass fungus

aP1220824 Walking palm moves to the sun and can move up to a metre a year by growing new roots and discarding the ones it no longer needs

aP1220818 Decorative vine

aP1220809 Diversity of flora

aP1220808 Golden orb spider – it tickles

aP1220830 Macho tree

aP1220791 Another reason not to grab the plants

aP1220787 Giant millepede

aP1220765 Leafcutter ants form highways and mark them with pheromones for their colony to follow

aP1220763 Crayfish pot

aP1220775 Magnetic sand

aP1220760 Noni has many health qualities but stinks like blue cheese

aP1220756 rhinoceros beetle – dead

aP1220758 the fauna changed many times on the walk. We went through virgin…

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