Concrete Jungle: Can Wildlife Adapt to City Living?

Science Blog - MResBEC

I think it’s safe to say we’re all a bit gutted about Planet Earth II finishing. The series finale showcased the brilliance of wildlife that have managed to adapt to city living in some of the most peculiar ways; Rhesus Macaques stealing fruit from street vendors, Spotted Hyenas pestering the butchers and catfish eating pigeons! Much of the episode painted a pretty picture of wildlife thriving in our cities, however the real story is far from that captured on Planet Earth II. With urban areas growing at an enormous rate, those animals that can’t adapt to the urban lifestyle are being pushed further back into shrinking fragments of land due to habitat loss. This loss in habitat is now the major cause of species extinctions (Fig. 1.). Although it seems a courageous few have braved the move from rural peace or urban chaos, are these the minority? And if so…

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