How to break into the CyberSec industry?


This week I’m doing something a bit different; I’m going to touch upon that really illusive subject on how to break into the Cyber Security industry.

The reason I’m not writing up a review of Kioptrix #3 this week is because I’m actually working on a CTF (Capture the Flag – a much broader penetration test where you look for flags).

What do I want to work with?

That is THE question you need to answer before you even consider the security business. Are you interested in breaking into the penetration industry like me, or are you more interested in emergency response or malware analysis? Try to put your finger on what you actually want to work with, because the spectrum is BROAD and it’s easy to get lost.

Why do you want to work in Info/CyberSec?

I’m on/r/AskNetSec quite a lot, and have made myself a bit of a…

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