Introduction to Azure HDInsight


What is Azure HDInsight
Azure HDInsight is an Apache Hadoop distribution powered by the cloud.Azure HDInsight uses the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) Hadoop distribution.HDInsight deploys and provisions managed Apache Hadoop clusters in the cloud, providing a software framework designed to process, analyze, and report on big data with high reliability and availability. Azure HDInsight Service uses Azure Blob Storage as the default file system . Storing the data in Azure Blob provides an advantage of retaining data even after cluster is deleted and can be reused.One can also use HDFS as the default file system by the changing the configuration accordingly.

What is WASB in HDInsight
Windows Azure Storage Blob (WASB) is an extension built on top of the HDFS APIs.The WASBS variation uses SSL certificates for improved security. It in many ways “is” HDFS. However, WASB creates a layer of abstraction that enables seperation of storage. This separation is…

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