DataVisor – is Big Data helping, or harming, online security?

Big Data, Big Brother, Big Boon!!!

by Maria Ilie, Andrei Nicolae, Maria Ficiu and Matei Butucescu

Recent Concerns in Online Security

16 days- that’s the average time a cyber threat can exist on a government network before being detected [1]. Considering the sensitive data that is stored on their servers, the mean response time of these government agencies is concerning.

To add to this kind of vulnerability, with the emerging Internet of Things (IOT) sector, both the number of threats, and their impact, is set to substantially increase. As IOT evolves, so will cybersecurity have to expand as a field.


Where does Big Data come into play?

The main issue with processing vulnerabilities is incomplete data. Government agencies, as well as most small and medium companies, don’t have the time or resources to process all the security information that they have. Security analysts are in consensus when they say that big data security companies will be crucial…

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