Windows 10 PE for Digital Forensics

Forensic Focus - Articles

by Robin Brocks, IT Forensic Expert and Incident Responder

Only a few years ago, it was a real pain creating a portable Windows on CD/ DVD or thumb drive, because the Operating System was not prepared to run on those media. There have been numerous projects and volunteers, like BartPE or the WindowsFE (Forensic Edition), to make it possible to run a complete OS from removable media, but in every case, this takes time and a lot of customizing.

Nowadays we do not only have Microsoft selling “Windows to Go”; it is easier than ever to create an own version of a portable Windows, together with everyone`s favorite tools, script or frameworks like Java or Python! Having a portable Windows 10 at your hand has some valuable advantages:

  • Booting a Windows OS with a huge integrated database of device drivers gives you instant access to all common consumer hardware
  • Forensically sound…

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