The Truth is in Your Hands

People and Bits

Huffington Post run just an interesting article about force fields in hands. It seems that science calls theses fields with term peripersonal space, and they regard it to be connected with brain’s neuroplastic capacity.

I call these fields the etheric body, since that’s the esoteric equivalent. Same phenomena, different name. If we go back in time, to the mystical kung fu schools in the ancient east, the the wording becomes chi.


It might be worth pointing out that there’s nothing special in feeling these fields in your hands – everybody can do it and it works 100% of the time. I’ve felt the hand fields in aikido, hapkido, wing chun kung fu and chi kung -practices. Each of these have specific relaxation methods where the force fields in hands can be experienced.

Additionally, the applications of hand-based relaxation exceed martial arts. I recently attended a

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