Wing Chun Movies

All of this has happened before

Descendants of Wing Chun


I actually couldn’t remember seeing this movie even though I knew I had and had made note of it in my journal. But it’s a fairly forgettable film that doesn’t really stand out when one watches lots of Kung fu films. The thing with the ‘Descendants of Wing Chun’ is that it’s fairly “form style” Kung Fu, which is all fine as I like that kind of movie too but when you think about movies such as ‘Ip Man’ & ‘The Grandmaster’ you can see the minimalist side of Wing Chun in them, not big wide forms that something like Shaolin Kung Fu has. So whilst there is Wing Chun in this movie it’s not recognizably Wing Chun and makes the form look somewhat generic in an already formulaic Kung Fu film. (1978)

Warriors Two


Personally I didn’t enjoy this as much as ‘The Prodigal Son’…

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