Resilient File System on Windows 10 Pro

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While NTFS is a reliable file system, Windows 10 can have ReFS enabled for data drives and some external drives.  What exactly is ReFS?

ReFS is Resilient File System.  ReFS insures data availability,  supports large file systems without a performance hit and has a Scrubber that supports Acute Error Correction. It supports up to a Max. Volume size of 1 yobibyte (280 bytes) and a Max. file size of 16 exbibytes (264−1 bytes).

Fact 1 exbibyte =    1,152,921,504.606 Gigabytes (over 1 trillion gigabytes)

      (More information –Building the next generation file system for Windows: ReFS)

So how do you enable it?  (Caution- Perform these steps at your own risk)

FIRST – make a backup and create a restore point.   Then – right click on the menu and select run.  Type regedit.   Navigate to –
Next create a DWORD and name it…

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