Veeam Backup & Replication Deployment for Virtual Servers/Guests for High Availability + Tips

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At my office, I have multiple ESXi VM Servers with several guests hosted. I am using VEEAM B&R software for backup & replication. I have created Replicas of all my primary servers to DR site on secondary replica server using Veeam. I have hen scheduled replication to run Daily in night. Whenever any disaster occurs either at server hardware level or guest OS level, I simply fail over to replica using Veeam, and when primary server/guest becomes available, I simply Fail Back to Production using Veeam console and all changes replicate back to production from replica. :) Replication can be scheduled to run continously but not recommened, Try to set 6/12/24 hours schedule instead to update replicas.

I will distribute this article in following sections.

1- One time simple backup of VM guest using Veeam
2- Adding daily backup job
3- Restoring VM from backup to production
4- Adding replication…

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