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sygic reply

Screenshot_2015-10-02-16-32-51with latest Pakistan map update, many new locations are now easier to locate and navigation is done in 3d style with more smoothness :)


Last  Updated:  23 November,  2015

1- Sygic Introduction
2- Download Link
3- Installation Instruction
4- Release (14.7.7) Overview with screenshots [Latest Release as of late January, 2015,  15.x released in July as well but I am not updating it for reasons]
5- 14.3.4 Overview with screenshots [Stable Release of 2014, *** RECOMMENDED *** ]
6- Pakistan MAP Last Updates  [7th JUly 2015 Reply from SYGIC]
7- Pakistan MAP Last Update [1st October, 2015 GOOD NEWS ! MAP UPDATED NOW ]
8- 15.5.9 is so far the best stable version and no issue of GPS NOT FOUND. use this one.  [ 23rd Nov, 2015]
9- Backup Sygic Favorites/POI/Routes etc.

1- Sygic Introduction

I do have to admit that I have a very poor sense of direction…

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