Howto Add SNMP Service Remotely on Windows 7/xp

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I am using Mikrotik’s the DUDEmonitoring tool since many years to monitor my Company’s Server’s and devices health, Recently I decided to add users subnet also on the server’s sub map to view online/offline users, there CPU / Memory/ HDD usage, personnel printers health and tons of other info.

As we all knows that for this purpose SNMP service is required on the target Windows OS. The problem was that there were over 120 nodes and I didn’t wanted to visit them each physically or didn’t wanted to take there remote to install SNMP due to some permission issues. After some googling I found one way to install SNMP service right from my admin pc by doing some fine tuning and tweaks of various commands using pstools. It’s not neat and clean , also it requires some manual work to do, but it does the job. Once you get…

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