Find, Search, Replace, and Delete in the WordPress Database

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Lorelle on WordPress

The following was originally published on WordCast and authored by Lorelle VanFossen. It is reprinted here as a reference guide.

WordPress Tips and Techniques

  1. You?ve moved your WordPress installation from one server to another.
  2. You?ve changed domain names.
  3. You?ve moved images around on your server and now they don?t load.
  4. You?ve changed your WordPress installation and now images show blank boxes on your posts.
  5. You?ve changed your email address.
  6. An author has changed their name or URL.
  7. You?ve been asked to remove all of someone?s blog comments.
  8. You?ve turned things off during development and it?s time to turn them back on.
  9. You?ve gotten smart and changed your WordPress URL and installation from to
  10. You?ve realized that you?ve been misspelling ?separate as ?seperate? and you now need to fix all the missed spellings.
  11. You?ve realized that WP as an acronym isn?t as SEO friendly as you thought and decide to change them…

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