Examination of the vulnerabilities of the Cisco IOS

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Cisco’s IOS is multiplatform, so, runs on many different devices. It is compatible with file servers, routers, LAN and WAN switches, ATM switches, personal computers and hubs and any device that is used in an internetwork. There are four main sectors within enterprise internetworks that are dependant on Cisco devices and it is what Cisco focuses on. Cisco Support Community (2006) discuss this on their website.
1. The Core: The overall view of the internetworks. Where Cisco provide wide area connections spanning around the world.
2. The Workgroup: Cisco provides devices for end users, to utilise bandwidth capabilities.
3. The Remote Access: This provides users with cost effective and easily managed connectivity on mobile devices or PC’s.
4. The IBM Internetworking: Cisco also provides devices for, according to Cisco, “a safe and secure migration path for IBM SNA network applications.”

We will not be testing on a live network so we have set up the following topology in…

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