Brute Forcing LUKS

DT's Guide to Life and Linux

Well, as you might have noticed (and some of you knew) I haven’t been updating auditme or my blog or well much of anything else. Quite simply this was because I locked away most of my data (including auditme) in a LUKS encrypted drive… I know… I’m smart huh?

Incidentally if you have a server with pretty decent uptime you might well forget that LUKS passphrase you’ve probably only used one time when you configured it :-P

So instead of giving up all my data to the encryption gods I decided that I would brute force the pass phrase. This generally speaking is utterly pointless with LUKS full drive encryption. However, in this case I knew all the characters in the passphrase however I did not know the order I had put them in. (This is usually how it works for most people).

In my particular case the passphrase was…

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