CoreLabs Information Security Open-Source Tools

Below is an index of open-source tools developed by CoreLabs for the benefit of the IT security community. Click on any title to get more information and access downloads on the CoreLabs extranet site.

Datesort ascending Title Description License Type
08.14.2015 wiwo (Wireless Workers) What is wiwo?

wiwo is a distributed 802.11 monitoring and injecting system that was…

11.24.2014 Agafi

Agafi (Advanced Gadget Finder) is a x86 gadget-finder tool useful to…

03.13.2014 Sentinel Sentinel is a command line tool able to protect Windows 32 bit programs against exploits… GPL v3
07.28.2012 Pysap SAP Netweaver [1] is a technology platform for building and integrating SAP business… GPL v2
07.28.2012 SAP Dissection plug-in for Wireshark SAP Netweaver [1] is a technology platform for building and integrating SAP business… GPL v2
06.15.2012 eXait eXait is a benchmark-like tool to test all the anti-instrumentation techniques presented in the… BSD 2 clause
11.17.2011 wwtool

wwtool is a wireless scanning tool that uses the Windows Native WiFi…

09.19.2011 Bug Reproducer Assistant Bug-reproducer Assistant is a tool that extracts behavior from live running code (Python or C… BSD
05.30.2011 PyCodin PyCodin is an open source Python library that allows instrumentation of low-level code for… GPL v2
02.28.2011 Heappie Heappie! is an exploit-writing-oriented memory analysis tool. It assists vulnerability… BSD 2 clause
02.24.2011 PyLorcon2 PyLorcon2 is a wrapper that allows using the Lorcon2 – Loss of Radio CONectivity (… GPL v3
11.23.2010 Open XML Advisory Format Open XML Advisory Format is an XML format developed to assist researchers during the process of… BSD 3 clause
10.26.2010 Aureliax Aureliax shows differences between decompiled functions. It displays their basic blocks using… GPL v2
07.27.2010 WPA Migration Mode patches for aircrack-ng and Kismet The WPA Migration Mode patches for the Aircrack-ng suite ( are a set of patches… GPL
06.17.2010 WPSIG It’s a simple tool (written in Python) that does information gathering using … GPL v3
10.27.2009 IterDe While reversing code there’s usually a common limitation in testing the new code we have… BSD 3 clause
10.07.2009 Turbodiff Turbodiff is a binary diffing tool developed as an IDA plugin. It discovers and analyzes… GPL v2
11.14.2008 gFuzz Gfuzz is a web application fuzzing environment which combines fine-grained taint analysis on…
10.08.2008 Exomind Exomind is a tool designed to deliver targetted phising attacks through social networks. In…
07.31.2008 SDT Cleaner SDT Cleaner is a tool that intends to clean the SSDT (system service descriptor table) from… Apache 1.1
07.30.2008 iPhoneDbg Toolkit This set of tools will enable you to delve into iPhone Binary Reversing.

  • The iPhone…
GPL v2, Apache
08.01.2007 Core Grasp CORE GRASP is a modification of the PHP interpreter developed by CoreLabs. Current GRASP…
06.28.2007 HeapDraw HeapDraw was originally created as a postmortem analisys tool, to see how the heap evolved… Apache 1.1
03.26.2007 Pcapy Pcapy is a Python extension module that interfaces with the … Apache 1.1
12.31.2006 Pass-The-Hash Toolkit The Pass-The-Hash Toolkit contains utilities to manipulate the Windows Logon Sessions mantained… Custom
06.03.2006 Uhooker The Universal Hooker is a tool to intercept execution of programs. It enables the user to… Custom
10.25.2005 Core Force CORE FORCE® is the first community oriented security solution for personal computers. CORE…
11.16.2004 InlineEgg InlineEgg is a Python module that provides the user with a toolbox of classes for writing small… Custom
03.03.2003 MSyslog MSyslog is a logging subsystem for UNIX operating systems. It replaces the traditional UNIX… BSD
12.31.2002 Impacket Impacket is a collection of Python classes for working with network protocols. Impacket is… Apache
08.13.2002 Core Wisdom Core Wisdom is a suite of tools designed for the secure auditing of information systems. It…


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