Deploying Office 2016 and Office Proofing Tools Kit 2016 / Office 2016 language packs with SCCM 2012 R2

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I recently deployed Office 2013 SP1 (and wrote a blog post about it). Now I got the honours to do the same for Office 2016. The procedure is theoretically quite the same, but with many different bugs and gotchas. The following procedure describes how to remove any previous versions of Office and corresponding Proofing tools & language packs and replace them with Office 2016 versions. I’ll dive right into the steps:

Customizing Office 2016

  • Got a copy of Office 2016 and extracted the iso. Our version is “Professional Plus” with Volume Licensing.
  • Fired up a command prompt and navigated to the extracted Office directory.
  • From here I ran “setup.exe /admin” to launch the Office Customization Tool (OCT).
  • Customized the OCT settings according to our needs:
    • Setup/Organization Name
    • Setup/Licensing and user interface/Use KMS client key
    • Setup/Licensing and user interface/I accept the terms in the License Agreement, Display…

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