Moving to Linux, why and how – Part 1

Jon L. Aasenden

Linux. You either love it or hate it. And if you are like me, with a background on either Amiga or Mac, only to “grow up” and get a Windows PC for college or work – then chances are you have already tried several Linux variations over the years, but always ended up going back to Microsoft Windows.

My reason to use Windows is twofold: Working as a programmer for many years I have gotten to know Windows from the inside out. My primary programming language, Object Pascal, is strongly represented on Windows in the form of Embarcadero Delphi (previously Borland) – so simply dropping Windows over night was never an option. Dropping Windows would in effect mean putting myself out of work. So that’s not gonna happen.

Also, I don’t carry any ill will towards Windows. It has put food on my table all my adult life, so why…

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