Moving to Linux, part 4

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Jon L. Aasenden

In this final installment of my Linux series we will be focusing more or the Linux side of things (with the exception of Wine Bottler for OS X), with pointers on how to write your own native Linux applications; and also (Unix wise) how to convert and publish your Win32 apps on the mac without a single line of code (!)  And yes, with no dependencies or virtualization involved.

You are probably expecting a long introduction to Lazarus, which I wont bother with since 90% of all Delphi developers knows perfectly well that Lazarus and FPC exist. So before we start talking about Lazarus and FPC, which I wont do in “presenting” fashion since we already covered that, I want to list a few alternatives which might suit you better.

New wine for aging bottles

In the old days Wine was “THE” magic app for Linux. In fact it was…

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