Moving to Linux, Part 3, Virtualization

Jon L. Aasenden

I was going to look at backup services and how to build your own NAS and connect to it with freepascal (and more practical aspects of Linux) in this post, but due to the confusion regarding VMWare and how I work, I decided to dedicate this article to exactly that topic. apparently there are quite a few programmers out there who have little or no experience with VMWare or emulation at large – who quite frankly did not understand what I meant.

I do all my work in VMWare machines I do all my work in VMWare machines

First, to clear up any misunderstanding regarding “saving” money by moving to Linux. I was asked about this on my Delphi Developers Facebook group (if you havent joined it, then check it out – its probably the most active place online for Delphi developers). Well, it goes like this:

If you want to follow the law then you actually need…

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