Moving to Linux – Part 2

Jon L. Aasenden

Before you decide to try this, I want to urge you to be clever about it. First of all, make sure you back up everything. If possible, download Acronis and make a disk image of your present Windows Installation. Acronis is a fantastic tool which will pack your entire drive(s) neatly onto a series of DVD’s or external USB media, and you can restore your system back to its present state later without any hassle.

Secondly, always – and I mean always use the Live CD before you make up your mind. This is actually one of the great things about Linux, that you can boot from a CD and test the system first, without any damage done to your present operative system installation.

VMWare, clever programming

I must also urge you to move your development onto VMWare, not because you must – but because it will make your life…

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