How Linux System Boots


centosUnderstanding Booting Process in LINUX ( Redhat, Fedora, Centos )

The Booting process is the first process that is executed when you start a Linux system.
This process is executed in the following steps:

1. The processor searches for the Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) program in the
memory and executes it. BIOS is a program that provides the lowest level interface to
the devices, such as the hard disk, monitor, and mouse, of the system.

2. BIOS runs the Power-On Self Test (POST) program, which checks the system
hardware by verifying the hardware configuration information. The program does this
to ensure that all the required hardware devices are present and functioning properly.

3. BIOS checks the system memory for errors and searches for a bootable device. The
bootable device may either be the hard disk or other bootable devices, such as a CD-
ROM or a diskette drive. The sequence…

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