Emulating an SSD Virtual Disk in a VMware Environment

Virtualization and Cloud Computing


  • Environment running either vSphere 5.1 or 5.5 and access to the vSphere Web Client.


Nested ESXi VM configured with the minimal resources:

  • 2 vCPU
  • 5GB Memory (ESXi 5.5 now requires a minimum of 4GB vs 2GB as with previous releases but VSAN requires minimum of 5 with recommended 6)
  • 2GB Disk for ESXi 5.5 installation
  • 4GB Disk for an “Emulated SSD”  (In the Last of the Document it is explained about Emulated SSD).
  • 8GB Disk for HDD

Easy Method:

Instead of having you go through the process of building a Nested ESXi VM with all the prerequisites that includes steps from here and here. I have pre-built a VSAN Nested ESXi VM template (217Kb) that you can just download and import into your environment and being the installation process.

Download either:

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