Irish Currencies, from a Coin Collecting and Banknote Collecting perspective

The Old Currency Exchange is a specialist dealer and valuer of coins, tokens and banknotes

Being born in 1960, I am very comfortable with currency changes since during my lifetime I have used three completely different currencies.  Of course, there was a subtle change in 1978 when the money in our pockets stayed the same but the banknotes changed design.  Although things went on as before in Ireland, our new banknotes were worth far less in the UK, so technically I have lived through four currency changes.

Up until 1969, every coin issued for use in Ireland was produced by the Royal Mint in London.  Our ‘new’ decimal coins were produced by the Central Bank of Ireland at their mint in Sandyford, Co Dublin.  Up until 1978, all Irish banknotes were printed by the Bank of England in London.  Most Irish people are unaware of this but the simple fact is that, up until 1978, we were tied to the UK pound and the Irish…

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