Install openstack on CentOS 6.4 using packstack


I was looking for an easy way to quickly deploy Openstack on my CentOS environment, I found that there are many tools available to accomplish this in Ubuntu but very few for CentOS. Then I found this project packstack, packstack is a utility that uses Puppet modules to deploy various parts of OpenStack on multiple pre-installed servers over SSH automatically using python. I found that Redhat has started contributing to packstack and they have some very good documentation on how to quickly get going. For example, if you are installing an all in one configuration, meaning installing all the openstack modules in one server, you only need to run three commands to get the environment up and running. As of the date of this blog, packstack is only supported on Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and compatible derivatives of both.

My Openstack installation consisted of VMware CentOS 6.4…

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