Internet of Things: The need for collaboration in crowded space

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IOT-blog-newThe emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) represents a dramatic twist in societal evolution; ‘things’ of any nature have the potential to interconnect and, in the process, they are bound to change how we think and go about our daily lives.

An ITU workshop, “Internet of Things: Trends and challenges in standardization”, held at ITU headquarters in Geneva, 18 February 2014, gathered a multi-disciplinary selection of experts to take stock of progress in the IoT arena with a view to highlighting priorities for its future development.

A keynote presentation given by Daniel Faulk of SAP explored several IoT dimensions in key ‘vertical’ markets, focusing in particular on resulting opportunities for the enterprise in relation to new IoT-fuelled sources of ‘big data’.

Among the other guest speakers were representatives of standards bodies such as ITU-T, IEEE, OGC and oneM2M; the open-source community, with the likes of

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