A Guided Path to Hacking for Dummies


Hey guys!  Yet this is one of my other tutorials for all of my fellow Penetration Testers. The reason I’ve created such a thread is because of these 4 reasons:

1) I feel guilty for people who make fun of Hacking by saying “I can hack you’re Facebook, Now bow before me!” (Seriously?? )

2) I feel bad for people who can’t differentiate between Hacking and Cracking

3) I feel hatred for people who can’t tell the difference between a Hacker and a Penetration Tester

4) Last but not the least, I feel awful for people who call themselves “Certified/Professional Ethical or Black hat Hacker” after hacking a Facebook account, A weak WEP Key and at last opening a Blog with the title “An Ethical Hackers Blog.

These are just the few of my large list of reasons due to which I created this post but before…

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