[Howto] Firewalld basics


920839987_135ba34fffFirewalld is Fedora’s way to provide dynamic firewall properties in Linux. Thus way changes in the firewall configuration are applied immediately, without the need to restart. Additionally, firewalld supports D-BUS and zone concepts.

Firewalld replaced Fedora’s old firewall mechanism with Fedora 18. One of the main motivations for a new firewall system was that the old solution required a firewall restart and was thus breaking all statefull connections at each change. Additionally, Firewalld supports dynamic zones which comes in handy when using it with mobile devices as laptops: you can have different zones, thus different sets of rules, for your work network and for your home network.

Besides, to better integrate the system firewall with other applications D-BUS support was integrated into Firewalld, and the configuration is eased for the user via a GUI and a command line helper which is covered here.

If you want to use Firewalld…

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