Here’s How You Can Defeat SS7-based Surveillance of Phone Calls and Texts

Inside BlackBerry

495543343Security flaws in the global telecommunications system enable relatively-unsophisticated hackers to listen on your phone calls and read your texts, German security researchers revealed last week.

One lets hackers route individual phone calls to themselves before forwarding on to the recipient, two researchers told the Washington Post newspaper last week, while another flaw lets hackers collect all of the wireless calls and texts in a particular geographic area. As described in the widely-circulated interview, the flaws are features of the long-used SS7 (Signaling System No. 7) system used by telecom carriers to manage communications transmissions.

The flaws, which have been around for nearly 3 decades, are “really not much of a surprise” to Christoph Erdmann, Chief Technology Officer of Secusmart, an anti-surveillance vendor that BlackBerry acquired last week.

And the widespread encryption used by 3G and 4G cellular technologies such as GSM, CDMA and LTE do…

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