Be careful with sudo !!!


Sudo is a useful tool that allows normal users running certain commands under root. Excerpt from man sudo

sudo allows a permitted user to execute a command as the superuser or another user, as speci-
fied in the sudoers file. The real and effective uid and gid are set to match those of the
target user as specified in the passwd file and the group vector is initialized based on the
group file (unless the -P option was specified). If the invoking user is root or if the tar-
get user is the same as the invoking user, no password is required. Otherwise, sudo requires
that users authenticate themselves with a password by default (NOTE: in the default configu-
ration this is the user’s password, not the root password). Once a user has been authenti-
cated, a timestamp is updated and the user may then use sudo without a password…

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