A Couple of DAHBOO777 Videos… So What is Going on with This??? “Cyber-Attacks”? “Internet Outages”?

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First of all, I must say, I do NOT know what this “cyber attack map” really is, and what it means. Are the light bullets really representing an internet “attack”? Or are they just part of normal internet traffic? I do believe DAHBOO777 (he added another “7” to his previous YouTube page, DAHBOO77). And he seems to be really “worry producing” about “China attacking us”, and so on, in a fear type scenario mode.

Any input (via Kp FB page) would be great.


This second video, taken together with the first, could indeed represent something “big time” going on. Since it appears to be happening simultaneously.

My Initial “Get”: As I watched the top video, the concentration of “attacks” at St. Louis had something to do with “Monsanto” going down. And the internet outages, which included Denver, might have something to do with…

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