Tutorial WPScan with Kali linux

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Before I dive in this post, I would like to say that everything I did was for educational purposes only! Now we can move on…
I decided to learn how to use the WPScan tool that’s on Kali linux. WPScan stands for “WordPress Security Scanner”. The tool is very useful and straight forward. The first command that I used was:

$wpscan –help

I believe that’s the wisest command that anyone that wants to learn how to use something should execute, right? The result from that command can be found at the WPScan website.
My next challenge was to find a WordPress website, which was accomplished after Googling for “WordPress website list“. I won’t say which ones I tested this tool, but I can say that it only took me 14 links to find a good target for testing.
I perform my testing using some parameters to…

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