KALI – How to Install OpenVAS on Kali Debian Linux – The Visual Guide

University of South Wales: Information Security & Privacy

OpenVAS is an alternative to the Nessus scanner.

Step 1 – Download the Plugins for OpenVAS

Applications > Kali > Vulnerability Analysis

OpenVAS > OpenVAS Setup

OpenVAS will now download all the plugins required (a few minutes)

openvas1 plugins

The default user id is admin.

Enter a password.


Step 2 – Iceweasel Local Host – Port 9392




I Understand the risks

openvas2 port 9392

Confirm Security Exception

openvas3 add security exceptionNote:

If you can’t connect under local host, then go

Edit > Preferences

Advanced Tab

View Certificates

advanced preferences

Look for the OpenVAS self signed certificate and delete it.  Then go through adding the exception for Openvas 9392.


Step 3 – OpenVAS Login Box

openvas4 greenbone login screenDefault username = admin

Password (whatever you entered during setup)


OpenVAS Security Assistant screen (Hermione Granger wizard appears)

openvas5 security asst screen******

Step 4 – Update your Vulnerability Database Feeds

Administration > NVT Feed > Synchronise with Feed Now

nvt feedThis step is…

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