Block ads at your router – ADBlock and Tomato Firmware

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Want to block ads on your computer regardless of the browser you use?  How about ads and phones?  Here’s one way if you have a Tomato firmware based router

Open up your router’s webpage -Go to Administration -Click on the tab WAN Up –

(Be prepared to visit the webpage at the bottom of this post – make sure the formatting of quotes and the script is correct before continuing.  Important – also be prepared to reset your router if this does not work.)


Enter the following text –

## ALL-U-NEED Ad Blocking v3.9e
## Original script by YAQUI
## Updated by ~nephelim~, Syl, jochen, groosh, ng12345, ray123, mstombs
## base64 decoder by Danny Chouinard’s

sleep 10

cat <<‘ENDF’ >$ADB

GETS=”1 2 3 4″
S1=”” #44K
S2=”” #189K
S3=”” #97K
S4=”” #620K
S5=”” #460K
S6=”” #2641K
S7=”” #3851K


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