A New App Called Offtime Helps You Unplug Without Missing Out


Apparently, navel-gazing about how much time you’re spending on your phone is a thing now. We’ve already seen iOS apps like Moment and Check appear to shame you into self-restraint by alerting you to how many minutes you spend staring at your little screen every day, or how many times per day you pull out your phone and take a look. Now, it’s Android’s turn. A new app called Offtime, however, takes things a step further – it doesn’t just identify your bad habits, it also helps you break them.

Based in Berlin, the idea for the app comes from a psychologist, now Offtime CEO, Alexander Steinhart, and has been built in collaboration with the Humboldt University of Berlin, plus co-founder and designer Michael Dettbarn. The team is funded with governmental EXIST funding, but is planning a Series A round for later this year, or early 2015.

Why the funding? Because…

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One thought on “A New App Called Offtime Helps You Unplug Without Missing Out

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