Work for the Dole: Why it’s complete and utter bullshit.


The Liberal Government is already defending their newly unveiled ‘Work for the Dole’ scheme, proving once again, that Australia is currently being run by morons.

The new placement, effective as of July 1st 2014, has stated job seekers under the age of 30 will have to apply for 40 jobs per month (at a minimum), as well as perform 25 hours of community service per week. To then only receive benefits six months down the track.

Let’s break that down a little:

Part A) Apply for 40 jobs per month. Doable. That’s 10 a week. And as most unemployed people desperate to land some employment would tell you, they’re probably applying for at least five per day anyway.

Part B) 25 hours of community service per week. I’m not against community service at all. But per week? That rules out so much time to be doing things that may actually…

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